Romnick Sarmenta

I’m now 40 years old. I turned 40 last May. I dreaded it. I do not have problem being old (no offense). I dreaded that I’m 40, and I have no achievements unlocked. No need to uplift me or send out encouragement words to me; I can perfectly do it to my self. =)

So I tried to look back to my very first dream when I was a kid. And, it’s Romnick Sarmenta that would pop up in my mind. I probably had a crush on him, watching him on That’s Entertainment, Young Love Sweet Love, and TV show guestings. I was a Romnick-Jennifer Sevilla shipper.

So my first conscious dream was to be an artista, and be Romnick Sarmenta’s love-team. Our ship name would be RoRo. There’s probably a reason that this dream did not come true.

But then what if I did become artista? I guess that’s why I’m slight the attention hoe.

The next childhood dream that pops up in my mind is… ABANGAN. Because this is the part that I get lazy.

SG 2019 Day 1: KIDS


The very first trip for the kids that required passport. 🙂

The first lesson that I learned is that we have soooo many kids. It’s quite a handful, but thankful.

As expected, things can go wrong. There’s the arguing over food, etc. We lost an MRT card even before we got out of the airport.

It rained. And, we got “locked” from the place we’re airbnb-ing. It was raining, and we could not get inside. 😭

Thankfully, Grace, the house staff replied and came home from her outing.

And thanks to the bus stop for accommodating us for awhile. 🙂


Last Saturday, we went for a hearing test. He was diagnosed with hear lose in his right ear. He is totally fine. But from time to time, we’ll have hearing tests for monitoring.

After the tests, we went to a cafe, and pungko2x because they were nearby the laboratory.

I realized that I rarely get to go out with just him unlike with Meg and Mateo. I guess because he’s just too obsessed with his computer, and he’s just not into “small talk” kind of stuff.

[Day 1] BGC: Purok 6 Field Trip


We have this annual road trip with kids. But this year, it involved “air” instead of road. The kids are now bigger, they have their own demands now. The #kid2 wants to go to this BT21 shops, which sells BTS merchants, in the Manila, and since she’s the boss, the rest obliged.

We picked BGC because it’s “elysium.”

So Meg likes books, we went to Fullybooked.

Meg liked milk tea but she said she’s not feeling up to line for the Tiger Milk Tea so we went to her another favorite, KK.

So here she in her BTS-themed ensemble.

And her BTS Shooky / Suga which has to photo-ed in every food she likes…

[Taiwan] Taipei Day 1

First time in Taiwan but 1st humba at Mactan Airport. 🙂

Got my beanie done just in time we landed, which was perfect because weather is too cold for me, and I have not brought enough for-warm clothes because Mark assured me it’s not going to be that cold. 😡

I was expecting Taiwan to be very busy with a lot of people but surprisingly it’s weirdly not that crowded.

The default hairstyle of Titas of China.

Taiwan is definitely a favorite of Chinese tourists. I felt like 70% of the tourists are Chinese.

The most important items, data & public transport card.

First coffee in Taiwan, a freebie from the hotel we’re staying.

The cold weather is really making me lazy that I just wanna curl up in bed and sleep. @.@ Anyhow, we drag our asses to a coffee shop by a barista champion but was closed already. So we just walked aimlessly around.

2nd Milk Tea of the day, which I have not drunk yet as of this writing. I bought this because this milk tea brand is too popular in Cebu, there’s always a long queue according to friends but there’s none here so took the chance.There’s a lot of Japanese restos here. So food I encountered here is like Chinese, then Japanese food.

Going back to the hotel, we passed by this alley with souvenir shops and restos after one another.

We conclude we like Taiwan on our first day. Mark said that it feels like Osaka, Japan but more affordable.

1st Bus Ride. feeling hopeful :)

and Feeling historical so I have to diary this. 🙂

I always delay (i really have no interest) learning to drive because I still have faith and hope that one day our public transportation will be upgraded. And, it looks like I’m not going to be totally disappointed. Hopefully, it will be “fully” realized in my life time. 🙂

Riding jeepney is still romantic but sometimes you wanna skip romanticism…

Anyhow, the bus ride was still romantic as it was so intimate like were are this squeezing on each others’ body. 🙂 But that’s how it is wherever we are in the world during peak hours, right?

1.28: Officially Moved In…

…because internet is installed. 🙂

So we lost internet connection for 2 weeks last December which felt like death sentence to Mark. So to solve it and won’t happen again, Mark rented a condo unit in the city where there’s a cafe and co-working spaces in less than 500m radius just in case that same major crisis will happen again (God forbid!). To make it look not a waste, he called it “office.”

And, also the sky looks pretty today so I’m making 1.28 the official moved in date.

Zamboanga Day 4


I’m just making this entry for the knickerbocker.

We’re on our way to the airport when I read the advisory for change of flight schedule aka delayed flight. So we went to have knickerbocker instead.

I have to agree with mg Zamboangueno cousin that there was really nothing extra special from it compared to the typical halo-halo. One main difference is that knickerbocker has no crushed ice. Other than that, like halo-halo, it’s the ingredients that what makes it special.

Other random photos from this date:

Shooky going places according to Meg.

Waiting for My Bus 🙂We went straight to SM City Cebu for her school Christmas party stuff. @.@