8:36 7/3/2014: un-iMovie

Started Working on Athletes talk 5 video. It’s been a long time that i had worked on videos, and so i was groping again on how to operate it. I hate video editing with capital P!!! 
Anyway, check some of athletes talk videos at youtube, just kindly search “runroo” 🙂

8:36 6/17/2014: ikaw lamang

From be careful with my heart to showtime then soap operas at night, TV is owned by Ate Mona. So usually this is our view during dinner.

I think this is “ikaw lamang” with kim chiu and coco martin. And the story line is like long nails scratching against a blackboard. @.@

8:36 6/16/2014: wired

I guess having a husband that codes, you have these too many kinda of wires at home. If only they can be pawned, their presence will be very much welcome. And why cannot all the digital product makers can agree on one kins of plug or cable.
Anyhoo, That warning that too much time on digital gadgets especially to kids is sadly always broken in this home. 
It was early bed time for us. I was tired and the kids were sick. I guess from the very long trip.

8:36 6/13/2014: friday the 13tj

Done dinner at salamanders, coco grove, siquijor. 
After seeing this in photos for years from mark and friends, i finally get to have a photo of it. 
So soquijor is indeed lovely. The beach is alive with little crabs. 🙂