The Legit Fluffy Couch

After 16 years of being married, we finally got our very first fluffy couch. The kids had been demanding it for a long time. They always complain why our “couch” is not comfy fluffy like that of our neighbors’ / their friends’.

So if we had been to your before, and my kids were like all over your couch, it’s because they’re so deprived of a good fluffy couch.

The very 1st couch we had was that “lantay,” that made from bamboo slats. I remember we got it from a “mobile vendor,” that person who goes around house to house peddling carrying the item they’re selling. So someone passed by the house we rented before, and there, instant delivery.

I so love the lantay. It’s so practical with kids who were still not toilet-trained. My babies would take their daytime naps/sleeps on the lantay w/ cloth diapers or sometimes no panty/briefs, and we would just put a basin under the lantay to “catch” the pee.

So having toddlers for like 5-7 years, we just kept that lantay. It was just so practical w/ all the pee, puke, messy mishap incidents; it was just so easy to clean up.

The only photo I could find from my phone ♥️

Then then kids get bigger, toilet-trained, then started to socialize w/ other people, and see others’ homes, and they would come home asking why we did not have that fluffy couch. 

But we got into running, like crazy into running, and one of things I/we picked up from that habit is that training your self to survive on lesser stuff, because lesser stuff, easier to move. So the “couch” goals just did not become a priority. Plus, I thought that the more uncomfortable our couch, the more we would want to move. It was like couch is the symbol of laziness?

Also not to mention how tiny the spaces of the newer houses, a couch could eat too much space.

Then pandemic happens… Having a couch is no longer a question!

Thank you, SM 😅