Day O: The Power of Moments


I’m trying to get back to reading. I picked up “The Power of Moments” just in time for our 1st outinf since pandemic started in 2020. I’m still on my 20% but basically it’s about how an entire experience is rated based on one outstanding moment, not the average of all the emotions experienced throughout the entire journey. So there can be many instances of bad moments, but there’s one outstanding good moment that rule them all. I think best example is giving birth.

The entire day 1 went perfectly fine. I guess when you’ve been hibernating for awhile, any outing will be good.

But the one thing that stood out for me today is this tuna salad.

Other random photos today:

The line of “bingkahan” stalls in Catmon is now longerrr. It’s probably a good sign economy is not bad?

My kids are really now no longer babies. I feel like taking photos of them falling asleep is like invasion of their privacy. Also, they no longer look cute asleep. 😑

The new economic driver, the motorcycle gangs. I mean they were there back then, but this time, there are more of them.


Cafe Librew in Bogo

Golden Sands Resort, the place we’re staying.