Day 2: “Exclusive”

I need to make a few emotional blackmails for this “hiking” to happen. 🥴 It’s our last day, and everyone wanted to start going home as early as possible as they all have game updates waiting for them.

Also, I realized that our family photos mostly happens when we’d go on a”guided hike” because theirs a trekking guide who would take photos for us. This was a very short hike but resort management requires us to take a guide.

I was itching to take a walk outside the perimeters of the resort but Mark caught up on me before I was able to leave our place early in the morning. So I just have to take photos of the “outside” from the “inside” because Mark is such a bore. 😑 I guess this is one of the reasons why I/we kind of “shy” away from staying in resorts, the exclusive resorts. It just feels awkward when there’s that obvious divide from the manicured resort and the real-life community outside.

I guess previous summer trips were usually long road trips, then we’d pick a town/place where there are a lot of things / places to explore outside the resort. But that’s hard to do this time especially when we have kids with us; we need to limit interaction with other people, for the safety of both parties.

But bloggerpose is still required. Saying “bloggerpose” is making me feel old.

I took a sample photo on how I wanted him to take mine. No. He did not do a good job w/ mine.
my most achievement during this lockdown, having a bun
dragontail in situ