Romnick Sarmenta

I’m now 40 years old. I turned 40 last May. I dreaded it. I do not have problem being old (no offense). I dreaded that I’m 40, and I have no achievements unlocked. No need to uplift me or send out encouragement words to me; I can perfectly do it to my self. =)

So I tried to look back to my very first dream when I was a kid. And, it’s Romnick Sarmenta that would pop up in my mind. I probably had a crush on him, watching him on That’s Entertainment, Young Love Sweet Love, and TV show guestings. I was a Romnick-Jennifer Sevilla shipper.

So my first conscious dream was to be an artista, and be Romnick Sarmenta’s love-team. Our ship name would be RoRo. There’s probably a reason that this dream did not come true.

But then what if I did become artista? I guess that’s why I’m slight the attention hoe.

The next childhood dream that pops up in my mind is… ABANGAN. Because this is the part that I get lazy.