[Taiwan] Taipei Day 1

First time in Taiwan but 1st humba at Mactan Airport. 🙂

Got my beanie done just in time we landed, which was perfect because weather is too cold for me, and I have not brought enough for-warm clothes because Mark assured me it’s not going to be that cold. 😡

I was expecting Taiwan to be very busy with a lot of people but surprisingly it’s weirdly not that crowded.

The default hairstyle of Titas of China.

Taiwan is definitely a favorite of Chinese tourists. I felt like 70% of the tourists are Chinese.

The most important items, data & public transport card.

First coffee in Taiwan, a freebie from the hotel we’re staying.

The cold weather is really making me lazy that I just wanna curl up in bed and sleep. @.@ Anyhow, we drag our asses to a coffee shop by a barista champion but was closed already. So we just walked aimlessly around.

2nd Milk Tea of the day, which I have not drunk yet as of this writing. I bought this because this milk tea brand is too popular in Cebu, there’s always a long queue according to friends but there’s none here so took the chance.There’s a lot of Japanese restos here. So food I encountered here is like Chinese, then Japanese food.

Going back to the hotel, we passed by this alley with souvenir shops and restos after one another.

We conclude we like Taiwan on our first day. Mark said that it feels like Osaka, Japan but more affordable.