Zamboanga City Day 1: 1st Times


First time that only I and Meg going on a trip.

Twinning. Bahalag init, basta twinning.

Do it for the ‘gram. Yay! Kung ano ang puno, sya din ang bunga.

Someone’sbusy taking photo of her food.

First time in Zamboanga City! 🙂

She looked so excited!

First time reunion.

A 1st cousin will be wed this Dec. 17, 2018. Timely that relatives from abroad are home so everyone decided to attend the wedding. Now the wedding event became a reunion event.

Oh how i missed this high-heel wearing Auntie Arlene!

1st Time Kuracha!

I’m not a crab fan but this popular dish of Zamboanga is just so hard to resist!

First city tour

First degree cousins.

We’re not complete though…

First Coffee in Zamboanga City

Meg and I went to Dennis Coffee Garden which was just 2 blocks away from where we stay.

I got to taste Sulu coffee. It was not that 3rd wave kind of coffee, which makes it something really from Sulu.

What makes it extra delightful is when you pair it with their local delicacies. Perfect pairing!

Mark messaged: U enjoy the food, not model it.

Meg: becauuzzzz u can model it THEN enjoy it >:(((( – Meggg

We then take a stroll to their boulevard to catch the sunset.

THANK GOD for my babies and family!

The night was filled of “war story” (Zamboanga siege) by my Auntie Arlene, which can be summarized as there is really no good in war.

It was weird that I truly enjoyed Zamboanga City in day time, and hear about the worries of my aunt at night. She does sleep with bolo beside her just in case… 🙂