KIX JPN Day 2: Questions You Might Want to Skip


These were the first concerns I had to ask the hotel staff when we arrived in Osaka which made the staff so perplexed like from what planet I was.

“Do you have safety box?”

I mean their whole country is probably one big safety box.

“Where to get drinking water? Should we buy mineral water?”

Yes, the water in the bathroom can be used from drinking to flushing your poops. 🙂

Enough said. 🙂

Day 2 started with a “I woke up like this i. Wakayama” selfie. I went up to the rooftop of Guesthouse Rico without much covering up to “acclimatize” to the coldness.

The breakfast not so #selfie.

I love Wakayama. I’m so happy we had our first days in Wakayama.

Out and about around Wakayama.

First ramen of this trip, and it was in Wakayama.


Cat is a big thing in Japan. They’re like everywhere.

We rode the Tama Train Cat station. It’s like the Hachiko but cat version. It’s an old train station which was supposed to be stopped but then converted into some sort of tourist attraction with the story that a train staff had a cat who used to ride with him. It’s probably some story made up to make it interesting.

Anyhow, we rode the train for the daughter who likes cats. Also, there’s a coffee shop in one of the train stops, only it was closed when we were there.The most famous car I ever met. People awere

lining up to get a photot with it.


Storage locker is being offered around Japan. It’s where you can store stuff. This is quite helpful for us.

Then off to Osaka City. I think we got on the slowest train which was included in our Kansai train day pass. Not complaining though!

Finally reunited with my luggage which was delivered by a luggage forwarder to our hotel in Osaka.

INDIAN FOOD. The first meal we had in Osaka, Japan. 😂

This na’an cheese was sooo yummyyyy!!!

Hello, Osaka!