[Western Visayas 2018] Talisay City / Silay, Negros Day 2

May 13, 2018
(This is quite a very late post. For some reason, wordpress mobile app no longer takes my photos because it said it’s above limit.)

Breakfast buffet at Nature’s Village Resort is something I look forward to.

Cafe 1925

Our aim for today was to go to mountain area of Silay City called Patag. But first we had lunch at Cafe 1925 in town center of Silay City.

And, off to a road trip up to Patag, Silay City.

Duyan Cafe

I was excited to go to this cafe in Patag, which looked so instgrammy in social media. And, that was there to it: instagrammy!

I thought there were a lot of “duyan” (hammock) in the cafe, but there was actually only one hammock for instagram purposes.

It definitely has all the aesthetics. If you don’t mind about other features like food and content, it’s a worthwhile stop.

The place is small so it can get crowded if it’s weekend or holidays.

After the Duyan Cafe stop, we continued with a bit of road trip in going home by taking another route. It was a worthwhile detour!

The thing I hate most about road trip is that I always felt bad why I’m sitting inside the car instead of trekking it or something. @.@

It was summer, and it was uncomfortably hot that we decided to take a down time back in the hotel.

We went to the Banago Wharf to get tickets in advance for our trip to Ilo-ilo then to Guimaras to meet with the Singson fambam in the following days.

365 Modern Cafe

Mateo proclaimed that this cafe gave him the best carbonara experience on this trip.