[Western Visayas 2018] Day 7: Guimaras to Ilo-ilo to Negros to Cebu in 1 Day

May 18, 2018. (This is quite a very late post. For some reason, wordpress mobile app no longer takes my photos because it said it’s above limit.)

It’s my birthday, and it was definitely a long day.

We started with a bit delayed boat ride to Ilo-ilo, which meant that we missed the early boat bound for Bacolod.

It was a bit of a good thing because we got to roam for awhile in Ilo-ilo.

We got Netong’s batchoy this time! =)

But it can get dragging so any thing to entertain our selves.

Troi Oi

It’s a Vietnamese restaurant in Ilo-ilo. We’re a big sucker for any thing Vietnamese food so we could not miss it.

Banh Xeo!!! I totally miss this since Phat Pho no longer serve it. =(

I was also closed to being not booked to the FastCat because there was just too many passengers. Thankfully I was able to reserve earlier.

All accommodations were booked so we had to be in Business Class.

When we landed in Bacolod, we just went straight driving to San Carlos City to yet ride another boat bound for Cebu.

And, everyone just conked out!

And, that Mcdo sign every time you landed on a port is becoming consistent.