[Western Visayas 2018] Day 6: Guimaras Manggahan Festival

May 17, 2018. (This is quite a very late post. For some reason, wordpress mobile app no longer takes my photos because it said it’s above limit.)

That much needed morning run in every place we’d go to. You can read more about it in my runroo.com blogpost here >>.

Always the breakfast here should not be missed!

So this day was basically our last day of going around Guimaras as we’ll leave the island tomorrow, and start going back home to Cebu.

Olivia’s Kitchen and Island Brew / Isla Kusina

We had lunch at some fancy restaurant in Jordan, Guimaras. As I mentioned it was Manggahan Festival so there was really a bit of a crowd every where.

We then went to the bazaar area, in front of the Provincial Capitol to be in one with the festival.

This wine from local fruits  was really good!

We went to Guimaras’ Hampton. =)

It was an old mansion by someone rich and famous now preserved as a heritage place.

And, my birthday cake!!! THANKS A LOT!!!