[Western Visayas 2018] Day 5: Beach Life at Guimaras

May 16, 2018. (This is quite a very late post. For some reason, wordpress mobile app no longer takes my photos because it said it’s above limit.)

Breakfast at Quimsing’s be like… There’s just no shortage of fruits in Guimaras.

Alubihod Beach, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

It’s the most famous beach in Guimaras so expect every one is there! =)


SEAFDEC, Guimaras

We were lucky that we SEAFDEC was still open for public when we went there because the staff said that they’re going to close it by June for good from the public.

Off to the next destination…

We went inside a mini cave. 

Night cap sort of… This cassave cake made by Karla’s cousin was uber yum!!!

Late night card game…