SG 2018 Day 4

I have this 3-day maxed out for SG; after 3 days, I’d get lethargic staying longer in SG. I just wanna go home!!! Charot!

After 3 days, seeing 14 bus stops in my ride / maps apps would make me whine already why it’s so far, such a long ride as if I’m not used to jeepney rides. I guess that’s make me frustrated because I’d expect everything to be faster in 1st world but then it’s not really; it’s probably just more “luxurious or comfortable” but still getting around takes quite of your TIME.

In short, it’s just probably how you react to things. I mean if you cannot be happy in Philippines, I dunno what’s the chance that you’d be happy in another place.

After 3 days, I covered every top things I wanna do in SG. So…

Meanwhile, when in SG, you can most probably just see me in Golden Dragon Store, People’s Park Center with the #titasof SG.

After 3 days, I bought every dollar-worth of crochet gears of Golden Dragon Store just so I could loiter in their craft area every day.

And, yes, it’s lovely to see familiar faces!!!