SG 2018 Day 3

When friends move for “good…” I can’t help but get excited, but at the same time also 😭😭😭.

I got to thirdwheel with these 2 when they signed up for their place in SG. I could not help but feel a bit envious of how to be young and free… Charot! 🙂

I always wonder how it is to relocate and live in a different country or city for few years. With 3 big kids, moving to a new place would be such a big circus act. I love Cebu; I just wonder how living in a different city for few years would contribute in shaping my kids up.

But gaaahhh 80k+++pesoses/month for an HDB unit, at least P200meal/person at hawker, 🙄🙄🙄. But yeah, why not. 🙂

And if ever, I wanna live somewhere in Lornie Road or near Macritchie Trail. Charot!

Sometimes SG makes me feel like I’m entering a MEPZA place with all its signages. If SG would be a boyfriend, he’s like all rules, but then you can always break it. Chos!

This trip, it seems like there are a lot of upgrades in SG’s public facility and services. Even Mushroom Cafe, which was blaaaahhh, is now not-so blahhh! 🙂They don’t mince with their words.