SG 2018 Day 2

After a few missed and wrong bus rides, I got “home” at Lornie Road at almost 7pm, which still looks like 5pm. There’s an airbnb place in this road that has been our “home” every time we’re in SG.

After a few times of coming to SG, I kinda have a settled into a routine of things/places to do and go: People’s Park CENTER in Chinatown and Plaza Singapura for Spotlight & Daiso. They’re just 2.5km away so I could just walk it or bus it.

But on this day, I only was in Plaza Singapura because it’s holiday, and the store I wanted to be in People’s Park Center is closed.

Queenstown Mall is where a friend once brought me for a chicken curry. It has just then became a go-to-eat place for me.

My SG itinerary is really getting boring. 😂😂😂