[Western Visayas 2018] Bacolod / Talisay Day 1

We would try every summer to do a road trip with kids. Last year it was Eastern Visayas so I guess that’s why we’re doing the Western Visayas this time.

We went down to Toledo and boarded Lite Ferries to San Carlos city.

Crossing to Bacolod from San Carlos City is always a fun drive. I noticed that there’s a lot of coffee shop now lining along this way. We’ll try to stop over one of them in coming back.We’re staying in Nature’s Village Resort, which Meg declared as her most favorite hotel.

I like it because it’s just 500m away from The District North, an Ayala Mall. This is not our first time so we kind of just picked up on the places we remember that the kids like.L’ Sea Dimsum for lunch because you’d never go wrong with dimsum when it comes to the kids.

Thankfully, she came out empty-handed. She was disappointed tthatthe book volume she was looking for is not availablez 🙂My kid 1&2 are definitely no longer babies; they no longer look forward to swimming pool. Only kid 3 now only asked to go swimming. 😭Dinner was something new at Rau Ram Vietnamese Restaurant. Mark and I love it! Charot! But it did not impress the kids though except for #kid3.

SG 2018 Day 5

I hate midnight / dawn flight schedules going home because it felt like my whole day is wasted being “in between.” Like, I could not do much because of time constraint so I just ended up getting antsy and not doing any thing. But I cannot complain because cheap tickets; though, I’m not sure if the “savings” is really worth it.So let me just selfie!Anyhow, Cebu Pacific is now in Terminal 4 of Changi Airport. It’s their new terminal, I guess. It’s my first time. With all its artsy fartsy, it’s pretty, no doubt! We stumbled upon a signage “The Canteen,” it’s like eatery place for the airport staff but open for public. And, Mark was not so amused with the food I ordered.

SG 2018 Day 4

I have this 3-day maxed out for SG; after 3 days, I’d get lethargic staying longer in SG. I just wanna go home!!! Charot!

After 3 days, seeing 14 bus stops in my ride / maps apps would make me whine already why it’s so far, such a long ride as if I’m not used to jeepney rides. I guess that’s make me frustrated because I’d expect everything to be faster in 1st world but then it’s not really; it’s probably just more “luxurious or comfortable” but still getting around takes quite of your TIME.

In short, it’s just probably how you react to things. I mean if you cannot be happy in Philippines, I dunno what’s the chance that you’d be happy in another place.

After 3 days, I covered every top things I wanna do in SG. So…

Meanwhile, when in SG, you can most probably just see me in Golden Dragon Store, People’s Park Center with the #titasof SG.

After 3 days, I bought every dollar-worth of crochet gears of Golden Dragon Store just so I could loiter in their craft area every day.

And, yes, it’s lovely to see familiar faces!!!

SG 2018 Day 3

When friends move for “good…” I can’t help but get excited, but at the same time also 😭😭😭.

I got to thirdwheel with these 2 when they signed up for their place in SG. I could not help but feel a bit envious of how to be young and free… Charot! 🙂

I always wonder how it is to relocate and live in a different country or city for few years. With 3 big kids, moving to a new place would be such a big circus act. I love Cebu; I just wonder how living in a different city for few years would contribute in shaping my kids up.

But gaaahhh 80k+++pesoses/month for an HDB unit, at least P200meal/person at hawker, 🙄🙄🙄. But yeah, why not. 🙂

And if ever, I wanna live somewhere in Lornie Road or near Macritchie Trail. Charot!

Sometimes SG makes me feel like I’m entering a MEPZA place with all its signages. If SG would be a boyfriend, he’s like all rules, but then you can always break it. Chos!

This trip, it seems like there are a lot of upgrades in SG’s public facility and services. Even Mushroom Cafe, which was blaaaahhh, is now not-so blahhh! 🙂They don’t mince with their words.

SG 2018 Day 2

After a few missed and wrong bus rides, I got “home” at Lornie Road at almost 7pm, which still looks like 5pm. There’s an airbnb place in this road that has been our “home” every time we’re in SG.

After a few times of coming to SG, I kinda have a settled into a routine of things/places to do and go: People’s Park CENTER in Chinatown and Plaza Singapura for Spotlight & Daiso. They’re just 2.5km away so I could just walk it or bus it.

But on this day, I only was in Plaza Singapura because it’s holiday, and the store I wanted to be in People’s Park Center is closed.

Queenstown Mall is where a friend once brought me for a chicken curry. It has just then became a go-to-eat place for me.

My SG itinerary is really getting boring. 😂😂😂