SG 2018 Day 1

The necessities. This has been our go-to place to stay in SG because it’s right across MacRitchie Trail, but is nowhere near convenient to going to the center of SG. Adam Food Center. The nearest hawker to our place which is 70% populated with Indian food stalls.Cold Storage, right across the Adam Food Center. It has been the routine to go to this grocery to buy some anemic looking bananas imported from the Philippines as our way of supporting our economy.Nothing beats the convenience of public services in SG, not that I’d been to a lot of cities. Out airbnb host is just the sweetest, and smartest. She would from time to time recommend / lend book ti Mark.

Chopsticks & Yarnbombs

We went to Lapu-lapu City earlier today to take a photo of my kids with the crochet installation / yarnbomb or as the Pueblo Verde officially calls it Ganchillo Artistico.

But first food…

Finally, I got to try Oriental Spice Gourmet restaurant in Lapu-lapu. Few friends said this resto serves legit Asian dishes.

Our ordered dishes were “saksak sinagol.” Feel free to ask the staff to recommend dishes that would go well with one another.

Then to the crochet installation I helped out with. Yeah, this is BIG DEAL for me! 😍

And, some buying stuff was done!

#032: attempt at summer activity

I dunno if it’s my age-ing or because of traffic that I get lazy sending kids to summer clinics. I used to go around bringing each one of them to their own summer chuchu (though #kid3 always ends up being bundled w/ either kid 1 or 2) but these days, gaaahhhh!!!

Anyhow, I’m feeling guilty so I finally dragged myself to get kids 1-3 out the house into the city for some summer-ish activity; though why should I feel guilty? I think I end up perfectly fine without those summer clinic chuchu. But of course, I got a big playground back in Badian during my childhood.


I haven’t blogged about Cebu like “dear diary” kind of like it’s 2004.

I went downtown in Manalili, which I frequent lately because I need to buy yarn supplies for the yarn bombing, which I felt like I’m no near having enough granny squares.

We had lunch at Cyma after a long time. I love Cyma but I can hardly recommend it to visiting friends because it’s not really a Cebu brand.

Then, I’m so happy to find that Micky’s still exist. I thought they’re gone. They just actually move to a new place. But I miss their old interiors. And, honestly, I’m not sure if coffee and food tastes are maintained. But I’m just happy to seem they’re still alive! 🙂