[Bohol, Philippines] Day 3: Favorite Spot

I think I finally found my soulmate in Bohol, and that’s Guindulman town. I love the not popular beach in the resort we’re staying. Well, the whole town is actually not that popular to tourist.

It was near the Alicia Panoramic Park, and most of all, it has a nearby hill to trek.

It’s also close to Jagna, and Anda. I don’t know why I have to list this but Jagna has a port with boats going to CDO & Camiguin, and Anda for its beach.

[Bohol, Philippines] Day 1: The Alicia Panoramic Park Trail Run

I posted about the trail run in www.runroo.com.

We did not finish the race because I got too lazy. So went chilling at the place we’re staying Bohol Lahoy Dive Resort. Their beach was not sandy, which is not a favorite of beach goers therefore it was mostly empty, and so I love it very much!

We went to Anda later in the afternoon for the sunset.

We got into a different beach in Anda, which was totally cool.

The most popular Anda beach, right at the front of their Church.

Dinner was at this BBQ Food Park in public market of Guindulman.

Dessert in some snack house.

I think I found my favorite spot of Bohol.