[Bohol, Philippines] Day 0: Yet Another Bohol Trip


Trip to Bohol has became an annual tradition that I felt that I felt there’s really nothing new I could look forward to. But I still will not miss a chance visiting it.

Spotted Chyrel because she’s everywhere 🙂

Always top thing to do upon landing in Tubigon, Bohol: McDonald’s breakfast. 😂

Twinning GOAB shirts

This time is a bit of something new as we did not go to the usual Panglao Island destination. We went Bohol for The Alicia Panoramic Trail Run, which was somewhere in Anda, Bohol area. But we stayed in another town, Guindulman, Bohol.

We stayed in some kind of a sleepy town. It looks like the place we stayed in, Bohol Lahoy Dive Resort, was the lone resort of that town.

And just when I thought I memorized / saw every thing in Bohol, we were served with this delicacy in Alicia, Bohol during the race briefing of The Alicia Panoramic Park Trail Run:

SARONGSONG, rice cake in coneAnd Yay, I met a college classmate whose husband was joining the teail run too! 🙂

More photos from the The Alicia Panoramic Trail Run race briefing at fb.com/runroo.