We Craved for Ginabot But We Ended Up Like This…

May / Mayang, my 1st year college roommate, was here last Friday for a quick stay before going back to Bangkok. We already met each other at 8pm, and for some unknown reason we just thought of going to Fuente for some “ginabot” at Pungko2x.

But luck was not on our side as Pungko2x stalls closed at 9pm. So we strolled aimlessly in Fuente circle instead, and throwback memories rushed in. We went to college, UP Cebu, starting in 98 (that was my ID number) when there was still no Starbucks or fancy big-chain cafe. The Dunkin Donut in Fuente was like the only go-to cafe for students to study; I was not a regular of that place but there were desperate times that I had no choice but to “tambay” study there.

The Orange Brutus was probably the only fastfood joint in the Fuente Circle area at that time; and Rosita’s was like a popular name.

We’re so feeling this “mature” already that settling for fastfood was not our fancy at that time but come to think of it, we really wanted “ginabot” originally.

Anyhow, we ended up in Le Gab. I love their fruit bowls and coffee; one of the coffee shops who can consistently serve decent coffee. If you’re into breakfast meals of sausage and pancakes, this place is to go to. 🙂 And, it feels like this is the new millennial kind of food place. 🙂And Kurt of Hahahasula hit poured our coffee that night!!!

Our night did not end there. We went to the Mango Avenue side, and gushed over how awed we were with that National Bookstore branch in college days.

And, gaaahhh, why did we make a sideway to YO.U bar?!? 😂😂😂 One thing, I learned, there’s no chance of picking up a “nice” guy in that place; it’s just in the movies!!!

And that we were carrying grocery bags the whole time! 😂