Pre-instagram: A Gorabel’s Rant

Growing up in Badian, Cristina Gonzales, and the likes, on White Castle calendars were like the ultimate sexy photos that’s like readily available for viewing at that time. I mean displaying “sexy” was like limited to celebrities when I was a “kid.” You know, it’s like there’s the thought that someone needs to be a celebrity to have the right to display provocatively sexy-ness

But thanks to technology advancement, we’re finally free from the cheesy alcohol calendar girls. Every time I go to the “Search” tab of my IG, there’s just like overflowing of sexy photos.

I honestly have no problem with people being sexy on internet because freedom of expression. And, I really see no wrong with it…

Except when I would see kids, just probably like 2 years older than my eldest child, posting sexy photos… like regularly, like 2 out of 5 photos (yes, I observed deeply.). It can be a shiny ass in 1 photo, or drizzled with sand in another photo; and they’re like so minors. WORLD, why?!?

It must be so hard to be a kid nowadays, when display of nudity is like a normal thing that they’ll be either pressured to also do it or you don’t see it as unusual — like it’s owkei for 15yrs old to take selfies with pouting lips and pouting chest.

Or it’s just me being “gorabels” and bitter?!? I swear if my minor-aged daughter’s gonna do it, i’m gonna hit back at her by also posting my “sexy” photos and tag all her male friends.