After selfie-indulging myself while on a morning at a nearby “trail,” we came home to our next door’s neighbor’s house being saved by firefighters.

Thankfully, all the family members of our next door neighbor are okay except for their 4 dogs. The 2 daughters were crying a lot, like wailing, over their lost dogs but other than that, they’re okay. And, I hope their trauma will be gone fast.

They are our new neighbors. They just transferred last month. And I never get to know them. It’s only this morning, when the fire happened, that I learned that the house beside us has 10 dogs, 2 daughters, 1 kid son, a mom, and a grandma. It’s sadly weird how a fire needs to happen before I get to see their faces.

I feel helpless on how to actually help them except for Mark offering our other house to them. I hope it would comfort them a bit.

Anyhow, the part that scared me most was we left our 3 kids alone at home while we went out of the house at 5am for our usual weekend morning run. I definitely would burn myself if something bad happened to them.

THANKFULLY, our 3 kids are all safe!!! Thank you, Lord, angels, Saints, and Souls as well as our neighbors for watching over my kids. Thank you also to the hardworking firefighters, the heroes.

To the 4 dogs, all the love to you in doggy heaven.