Pre-instagram: A Gorabel’s Rant

Growing up in Badian, Cristina Gonzales, and the likes, on White Castle calendars were like the ultimate sexy photos that’s like readily available for viewing at that time. I mean displaying “sexy” was like limited to celebrities when I was a “kid.” You know, it’s like there’s the thought that someone needs to be a celebrity to have the right to display provocatively sexy-ness

But thanks to technology advancement, we’re finally free from the cheesy alcohol calendar girls. Every time I go to the “Search” tab of my IG, there’s just like overflowing of sexy photos.

I honestly have no problem with people being sexy on internet because freedom of expression. And, I really see no wrong with it…

Except when I would see kids, just probably like 2 years older than my eldest child, posting sexy photos… like regularly, like 2 out of 5 photos (yes, I observed deeply.). It can be a shiny ass in 1 photo, or drizzled with sand in another photo; and they’re like so minors. WORLD, why?!?

It must be so hard to be a kid nowadays, when display of nudity is like a normal thing that they’ll be either pressured to also do it or you don’t see it as unusual — like it’s owkei for 15yrs old to take selfies with pouting lips and pouting chest.

Or it’s just me being “gorabels” and bitter?!? I swear if my minor-aged daughter’s gonna do it, i’m gonna hit back at her by also posting my “sexy” photos and tag all her male friends.


I made a rush of finishing this crochet top turned to sweater or long-sleeve top or however you call this.

I originally made this for Karla but it turned too big for her so I took it back. 😂 I promised to make her another one.

I decided to add longer sleeves to it. I’d been putting it off until January 17 is nearing.

Jan. 17 is my nanay’s death anniversary. I thought of wearing this in visiting her tomb is like my “flower bouquet” for her. She got me hooked to crochet.

She died defore Sinulog day, 2 years ago. Thus Sinulog, as well as the Holidays around it, will always make me want to just skip them all: Christmas to Holy Week. I just cannot…

Anyhow, my Nanay definitely does not want me to feel that way so I’ll try in the coming years to get those negative emotions off.

So let me #bloggerpose:

Facial Care > Vaginal Care

During get-together of my college friends last December, 2 of them just came from a derma clinic. Both of them got some facial treatment because, they said, it was discounted. The facial treatment was P2800 instead of P3800.

One of them also got a brazilian wax but she was feeling off because the derma staff gave her the pricier kind of waxing without informing her. What she wanted to get was the P600 wax, but the staff gave her a 2K wax. Big difference!

But it made me think that the “vaginal care” was still less expensive than the facial. But yeah, 2k is still kinda too much for your vagina, right?!? Unless it comes with a hot man. 😂

But then, what is really our priorities? Our FACE or VAGINA?!?

Definitely, I’d rather have a wrinkled dry face than a desert-dry vagina!

We Craved for Ginabot But We Ended Up Like This…

May / Mayang, my 1st year college roommate, was here last Friday for a quick stay before going back to Bangkok. We already met each other at 8pm, and for some unknown reason we just thought of going to Fuente for some “ginabot” at Pungko2x.

But luck was not on our side as Pungko2x stalls closed at 9pm. So we strolled aimlessly in Fuente circle instead, and throwback memories rushed in. We went to college, UP Cebu, starting in 98 (that was my ID number) when there was still no Starbucks or fancy big-chain cafe. The Dunkin Donut in Fuente was like the only go-to cafe for students to study; I was not a regular of that place but there were desperate times that I had no choice but to “tambay” study there.

The Orange Brutus was probably the only fastfood joint in the Fuente Circle area at that time; and Rosita’s was like a popular name.

We’re so feeling this “mature” already that settling for fastfood was not our fancy at that time but come to think of it, we really wanted “ginabot” originally.

Anyhow, we ended up in Le Gab. I love their fruit bowls and coffee; one of the coffee shops who can consistently serve decent coffee. If you’re into breakfast meals of sausage and pancakes, this place is to go to. 🙂 And, it feels like this is the new millennial kind of food place. 🙂And Kurt of Hahahasula hit poured our coffee that night!!!

Our night did not end there. We went to the Mango Avenue side, and gushed over how awed we were with that National Bookstore branch in college days.

And, gaaahhh, why did we make a sideway to YO.U bar?!? 😂😂😂 One thing, I learned, there’s no chance of picking up a “nice” guy in that place; it’s just in the movies!!!

And that we were carrying grocery bags the whole time! 😂


After selfie-indulging myself while on a morning at a nearby “trail,” we came home to our next door’s neighbor’s house being saved by firefighters.

Thankfully, all the family members of our next door neighbor are okay except for their 4 dogs. The 2 daughters were crying a lot, like wailing, over their lost dogs but other than that, they’re okay. And, I hope their trauma will be gone fast.

They are our new neighbors. They just transferred last month. And I never get to know them. It’s only this morning, when the fire happened, that I learned that the house beside us has 10 dogs, 2 daughters, 1 kid son, a mom, and a grandma. It’s sadly weird how a fire needs to happen before I get to see their faces.

I feel helpless on how to actually help them except for Mark offering our other house to them. I hope it would comfort them a bit.

Anyhow, the part that scared me most was we left our 3 kids alone at home while we went out of the house at 5am for our usual weekend morning run. I definitely would burn myself if something bad happened to them.

THANKFULLY, our 3 kids are all safe!!! Thank you, Lord, angels, Saints, and Souls as well as our neighbors for watching over my kids. Thank you also to the hardworking firefighters, the heroes.

To the 4 dogs, all the love to you in doggy heaven.