[Da Nang, Vietnam] Day 7: Instagram Boyfriend

Nov. 18, 2017

Posting this on the last day of 2017… It makes me want to write some deep thoughts about life, love, and humanity.

But all I could think of is that… I just really want an instagram boyfriend.

White Rose dumpling & pizza. Mihn, Mark’s workmate in Da Nang is from Hoi An. He met us here for lunch because he said this is the original “White Rose.” You would see restaurants offering “white rose” in their menu; he said they’re all from this restaurant.

Photos above were from Hoi An Ancient Town. They said it’s a UNESCO Heritage site. It was my first time to visit a UNESCO Heritage. And, it kind of made me not look forward to visiting other UNESCO Heritage site. There were too many people, and the place was converted to like a strip mall with every building selling merchandise or turned into restaurant. Anyhow, it’s a great economic driver. 🙂


Photos below are random photos I took when we had our morning run, our last one, in Da Nang.

Maybe it’s a weekend norm when “wedding albums” are shoot. During the time I stayed in Da Nang, I always chanced upon on “couples” having some sort of pre-nup shoot. But on this day, there were extra quite a lot.

I asked what it was about, and a local told me it’s for “wedding album.”

MI QUANG! Always remember, when in Da Nang, it’s My (Mi) Quang!!! Not pho!!!

Other Day 7 random photos: