[Da Nang, Vietnam] Day 6

Nov. 17, 2017

I went with Mark to other side of Da Nang, the area where we stayed before. I planned to go a “mall.” It was actually not a mall but more of like the old-days Gaisano / Gaw kind of department store. It’s another thing I love about Vietnam (or of the Vietnam cities I’d been to): they don’t have that mall culture (or maybe I just missed it.).

Lotteria. This is their fastfood, like their Jollibee.

Foodcourt inside the “mall”.

Earlier of the day, it was yet another stroll at the My Khe beach.

I almost used my boobs for this milk just so I could translate “fresh milk” to Vietnamese store owner.

The airbnb host had been telling me to check the view at the roof top since the day we arrived. Either it was their script or she genuinely just wanted me to check it out. Anyhow, here’s what I found at the rooftop.

It’s an array of building offering accommodations, I bet.

I always look forward to breakfasts. There’s a few cafes in the neighborhood, which were quite charming.