[Da Nang, Vietnam] Day 4: Sub Title

Nov. 15, 2017

When a Korean product is translated to Vietnamese, I kind of stared at it, and waited that an English subtitle would pop up.

We transferred to a different area of Da Nang, near the beach area (the My Khe beach). It’s like from Fuente, we transferred to Lapu-lapu island. It was a place where every building / structure is probably a hotel or offering accommodation.

And based on photo above, it’s flocked by Koreans. @.@

We now stayed at an airbnb place. It was a sleek place. 🙂

At the back of our airbnb place was a burger place, Burger Bros. It has the tastiest burger I ever tasted in my entire life!!!

Before we transferred to the My Khe beach area, I was milling around what seemed to be their IT Park area.

Earlier jog, I was alone crossing Bridge 3.

Other Day 4 random photos:

This was the list of suggested restaurants in Da Nang, Vietnam the airbnb staff gave us.