LAYOVER: expectation vs reality

I always have this #feedgoals envy of travel bloggers posting their layover photos. But when I finally experienced it for the first time, around 10hours of waiting from midnight: definitely NOT looking forward to it again! Probably, unless I have access to some super premium lounge but nahhhh. Anyhow, beggars can’t be picku. 🙂

It’s my 2nd time to be in HK airport. This time, I noticed more how huge it is because we had to go to gate 500+ where we need to ride a bus to get there.

It’s like how will ever Philippines get to have an airport to even at least 300 gates?! Or at least a real legit decent one? Or at least a Philippine airport not having to pay terminal fee?!? 🙂

On the other hand, I love better the lounge area of Mactan airport because it has no crowd; while HK airport’s lounge was too crowded that “lounge” is the last thing you want to do.

Mactan airport lounge