LAYOVER: expectation vs reality

I always have this #feedgoals envy of travel bloggers posting their layover photos. But when I finally experienced it for the first time, around 10hours of waiting from midnight: definitely NOT looking forward to it again! Probably, unless I have access to some super premium lounge but nahhhh. Anyhow, beggars can’t be picku. 🙂

It’s my 2nd time to be in HK airport. This time, I noticed more how huge it is because we had to go to gate 500+ where we need to ride a bus to get there.

It’s like how will ever Philippines get to have an airport to even at least 300 gates?! Or at least a real legit decent one? Or at least a Philippine airport not having to pay terminal fee?!? 🙂

On the other hand, I love better the lounge area of Mactan airport because it has no crowd; while HK airport’s lounge was too crowded that “lounge” is the last thing you want to do.

Mactan airport lounge

How it feels to be dead?

“Asa na diay ka? Gimingaw nako nimo. Malingaw baya jud ko sa imong posts…” and the likes are comments I got from few people when I deactivated my real personal facebook account.

I thought this is probably how it feels when you’re no longer on earth. It’s nice to know that I might be missed.

Anyhow, I deactivated my facebook account because I never likes it. I had to have one (before) for marketing-related works before.

It was actually nice to have one. Best way to connect with everyone. And, most of all, I love the likes; i’m human; i crave attention.

But I had enough of it when my mother passed away last year, and relatives kept asking me to announce it on facebook so as to let my mothers’ relatives and friends know about it. I kept delaying it because I really did not want to announce it. I don’t want to announce a very sad moment of my life. I just want it to be mine; let me be selfish of it. It’s one of those moments that I just want to curl in a corner, and shut myself off from the world, and just be enveloped with the sadness until it numbs or I get used to it; or just be it.

But people around insisted to announce it, worse(t) on facebook. So there…