[Sapa, Vietnam] Day 5: Packing

At lunch in hotel resto: 

Staff: So what did you today?
Me: Packing.

Staff smiled, and walked away.

Mark commented why did I answer “packing.” It might be misinterpreted with a bad word.

The thing is I really wanted to share with the staff how I had wonderful walk towards the upper part of the hill early in the morning, the fresh air, the beautiful flowers and view. But it would be useless, and would just create an awkward situation because she would have a hard time understanding it, and I would have a hard time trying to make her understand me.  To save the 2 of us from that awkward situation, I tried to think of the simplest answer I could give: packing.

(Lunch! We’re terribly missing Pinoy #foodie.)It’s our last day in Sapa; that’s why we’re packing. 

Basically, that sums up our daily interaction with the hotel staff of Sapa Garden Resort. They’re all nice and extra. But we always just turned awkward when they and us are trying to converse with each other.

They’re trained to make guests comfortable and welcome by  routinely checking on us (or generally as their customer relationship protocol) with a list of template questions. After staying here for a few days, we memorized the list of questions they would throw at us. It’s usually from: “How are you?” “How’s the food?” “What are your plans for today?” “The weather will be great today?” “Do you need any thing?” “Do you have a good sleep?” 

We do not really mind it. The problem is that it could get awkward because of language barrier. Sometimes, they ask questions that were out context like every time they see you in a day, they would mandatorily ask “how are you?” Sometimes, we’d meet them 5 times so we’d be asked “how are you?” 5x in a day. I wanted to share my day to let them know that I enjoy their place but then, as I said, it would put the two of us in a difficult situation instead. So we would just end up saying, “we’re fine” 5x/day. 

So basically that sums up our daily interaction with the lovely people of Sapa: “How are you?” – “We’re fine.”

And, yes, cheesy, I would miss them! 🙂

Zwing and Nui. They’re assigned a Western name, but I tried to use their Vietnamese name.