[Sapa, Vietnam] Day 4: From the Customer Support Capital 

Today was the fun run. We joined the 10K of VMM (story will be at runroo.com). 

It was also on the route used by guided trekking tours. So it was common to meet foreigners trekking on the way. And, I noticed that I was probably the only runner who was busy greeting “good morning” the other passerbys. It might be the language barrier; or it might be because I’m from the customer support capital of the world that it’s natural for us to be a greeting trumpet. 

And on this day, I confirmed that I could never be KPop when foreigners would ask me if I’m Malaysian or Thailand.  😑 Anyhow, I would reply to them, “From Philippines. Mabuhay!” 😂

A few friends who had been to Vietnam would always warn me about Vietnamese being rude. Thankfully, I never really met one until this day’s dinner when a resto staff shouted at me twice when I was about to bite into my BBQ. And, I think I felt worse about it when no one around me can interpret / explain / subtitled why he shouted at me. 

On the other hand, I don’t think they’re rude, or they meant to be rude. It’s just how they are. You can feel it especially with drivers / motorists. Pedestrians are regarded as less priority by motorists (They elevated the manners of the annoying habal2x back in my beloved Consolacion, Cebu when compared to them.). But then, I think if you look at them thru the lens of a Vietnamese, they are not really being intentionally rude; it’s probably just who they really are.

But still generally, Vietnamese are nice people. I always believe that human’s default setting is nice. 😍