[Sapa, Vietnam] Day 2: Do it for #feedgoals!

After claiming our race kit for 10K Vietnam Mountain Marathon, we went straight to hoping to find a quick “nature” trek.

(I think our main reason of coming here was for the fun run. We’re originally hoping to be in 21K but it seems like they’re popular now, and sold out quickly. Thus, we’re in 10K but I’m just happy to be as we’re really lazy with long runs for awhile.)

So on to trekking… Everyone points us to do the Cat Cat Village when we would ask for suggestion of a quick trek.  Sapa and Cordillera (or even Bukidnon) has similarities. One is that they have different tribes, and I think each tribe has its own valley/village like in Cordillera. Sapa has 7(?). One of the tribes is in Cat Cat Village (i dunno the name of the tribe). I think Cat Cat village has the (un)luck of being the closest to the Sapa town center that they became the default main attraction. 

When I saw the road going to the Cat Cat village with tourist vans zooming in and out, and souvenir shops lining up along the way, I was totally disappointed! I just wanna go back to the place we’re staying, and might as well just enjoy the view from there. But of course, I just gonna suck it up! @.@ It’s just one of those moments that you’ll think if tourism is good or bad. Anyhow, I’m not gonna bore myself writing about that.

There’s then there’s default entrance fee to the Cat Cat Village. It was really more of a curated theme park with “villagers” in full costume who looked like they were actors who were made to roam around the “village” to look like we’re in an authentic tribe village. I mean c’mon, I did not travel this far for this; we have so many of this back in my beloved Philippines (not really though?!?).

We’re about to get done with the Cat Cat Village when I saw a little detour that says “Gold Stream.” 

I was thinking this probably refers to the “Secret Jungle” part of the village.

We’re hesitant to trek it because no one is going there. But so happy we took the chance.

I was just elated to get away from the “civilization.” Tarush! See the buildings on the other side… Glad to get a bit away from it despite a quick one.

But truth is I just wanna take better #feedgoals photos. 😂😂😂

This was the “dead end” of the village map.

Though, you can actually cross the river, and continue trekking. But we’re not that daredevil; there might be some rules against it, and we don’t want to cross it. And, I guess this is the disadvantage of trekking in another country so thus the importance of a local guide. 🙂

So let me just #bloggerpose. Do it for #feedgoals!

Tabing Ilog…
Legit locals passed us, who also took a breather when they reached the spot we’re in.

Going back to our place, we want to avoid the main road, and thought of taking a shortcut but it led us to a foot path that went up straight the “mountain/hill.” It did took us away from the traffic of touring vans and souvenir shops, and the scenery was beautiful but I was not that prepared with the steepness of the ascent! 

It seemed like Sapa had enough of my whining, and tried to get the last laugh by giving a kick on my butt by showing a more real Sapa trail.

I was already unhappy doing this going-home trek because it got hot, it was always going up, we’re not sure if we’re taking the right way, and most of all I was hungry already (we had not lunch yet as I thought it’s just gonna be a short trek).

If things get hard, #selfie!

Just when all our water bottles were emptied out, we finally reached the main road!

So #foodie!!!

(Sapa food may have now this touch of being Western like this bahn mi may be more of a burger than the typical bahn mi.) 

Sapa, thank you for that kick on my butt! We are now good! 🙂