[Sapa, Vietnam] Day 1: Bus Ride to France

Best part of this day was the bus ride! 😂 Actually, half of the day was spent on the bus.

I thought we’re gonna be trippin’ like a backpacker but it was luxury. I was imagining that it was going to be crazy bus ride like in Sagada. But it was far from it. Vietnam’s road infrastructure looks like Chinese money is poured into it; roads are very wide unlike in Sagada where it feels like just 1 missed turn, and we might already go down the ravine. So I think if you want the thrill part of backpacking, Sagada is the way to go! Sorry, I can’t help to be extra on my country! 🙂The views along the way is pretty too; they remind me of Philippines! 😂😂😂 Five hours on the road, the best way is to love the view, and…

…crochet! I just have to insert this just because!!!

Bus stop food though… 🙂 I love surprises in bus stop.

My chopstick skills on focus!

I took a photo of the menu board of the bus stop because it has subtitles, which can be handy!

Food Fever 😂 Yes, I feel you, guys! The struggle is real…

At exactly 12noon, Sapa / Sa pa finally!!!

View from our room:

Sapa is picturesque. Reading that this was a French vacation place like Baguio was for Americans, it probably influences me to look at it that it does kinda looks like of those French scene.

It makes me feel like walking in the cobble-stoned alley of France.

Al fresco lounging… Lounging on street is a major big thing in Hanoi. While Sapa’s restaurants are also built to have al fresco lounging area.Louvre…This lake view is such a beauty though! Nasa Europa na ba ako? 😂

But then you get to witness the Behind the scene of pho, and brings you back to Asia.

Owkei, I gotta admit that I’m not that head-over-heels in love with Sapa as my first impression. 

There’s too many tourists including us. It’s like being in the Station 1-3 of Boracay. I know there’s a lot back in Philippines too but there’s just weird feel that like either they’re from the very “backpacker” group or they’re from the van-touring senior group, and all other in between. It’s like all types of tourists are here in Sapa. 

I think in Philippines, a certain place / city will be flocked by a certain type of travelers like Bohol is more of itinerary van-touring group; Sagada is really flocked with more of backpackers (Of course, there are other types but a certain type will be the majority.). 

Coming from eating Hanoi food, Sapa’s food is more expensive but the taste just does not match the prices. It’s not surprising that prices may be higher here but I hope it gets justified with the quality but 1st day experience did not give that impression. 🙁 Plus having a lot of Western foreigners, they kinda need to make their food into something Westernized. It’s like of a fancy restaurant manned by an experienced carenderia cook. I am so sad to write that because really, I’m nice; I hate whiny. 🙂

And the language struggle, it is kinda a notch higher up here in Sapa than in Hanoi.   I so wanted to connect with locals to get tips from them because google results are kinda too SEO-ed by travel agencies. If you look up about Sapa trekking, mostly, it will highly suggest for tour guide, which of course is important. But it’s just…

Anyhow, hoping to be surprised by Sapa in coming days… 🙂