[Hanoi, Vietnam] Day 4: MONOTONY

Fourth day, and finally, I’m able to get a bit of the “rhythm” of how to go around our little corner in Hanoi. I think I’m really getting old, I just have no patience of doing the Top Things / Places / Food when traveling. I’m more looking for the “monotony” of life in this / that city. 

(We live in stock exchange area, but the compound we’re in feels like we’re in Urgello; and no, i has no hate with Urgello.)But first #selfie. Morning jog aka the hunt for breakfast!

Breakfast gets more colorful now! 🙂

Bahn mi is courtesy from the lady on a nearby corner just outside the compound where we are airbnb-ing. She’s been my go-to for breakfast or lunch. I wanted to try the other Bahn mi, but I’m kinda attached to her already especially when I would just smile at her, and then she gets what I want: 1 spicy & 1 regular bahn mi. (Bahn mi starts at 15000VND. The bahn mi price has been like my gauge when judging other prices of food if it’s fair or not. And, bahn mi generally just)

The lady at the entrance of our compound has now also memorized what fruits I’d buy. And, though I want to change the fruits I would like to buy on other days but too lazy to find a way that we would understand each other. Thus, I always end up w/ dragonfruit & pineapple; and I’m not complaining! 🙂And some random finds while doing a morning stroll.

After breakfast, adventure begins… 

…in the couch with needles / hooks and yarn! Gaaahhh!!! 😑 Mark needs to work though because “digital nomad.” And, yes, fast internet is not a myth here in Vietnam! 🙂

Just when I get into the rhythm of Hanoi, we need to move to Sapa. 🙁

(Out next door neighbor in the complex is a dress shop. They’re a contrast to the people busy lounging in street cafes.)

Our neighborhood.

Other random photos:

It’s usual to see couples in wedding costume having photo shoot. I dunno if it’s just cosplay or if they’re really having a pre/post-nuptial shoot.

Afternoon stroll…