[Hanoi, Vietnam] Day 3

Yesterday was our 3rd day in Hanoi, and I was still struggling on how to go about their food here. 

I guess I read too much about travel bloggers’ streetfood adventure but EXPECTATION-VS-REALITY is so strong for me.

If understanding restaurant menu is already a struggle for me, how much more when we’re in the streets. 

(I understand bun cha, and I’d been eating too many bun cha already. What are those other stuff?!?)Subtitles please!!!

Aside from the language, their way of making / consuming food is just all too new for me. It’s like they’re feeding a goat here, which I love! 

What am I gonna do with this forest?!?

Anyhow, I started to get a bit of a grasp on how food works here but still the struggle is real. From what I understand is that rice noodles is like their rice then it just then becomes a combination of what you add to it; then just dunk everything into the soup together with the noodles and whatever condiments you want.

Those siakoy also belong to the soup, judging on how others do it. 

So my rule of thumb in food here: it’s either dunk all the stuff on the soup or rice noodles, or wrap them with a bahn or rice wrapper (like that lumpia). 

And, Don’t get me started with CHOP STICKS! It always makes me question my being Asian. Seriously?!? It made me feel that I have no right to call myself Asian.

Funny, how being in another city in Asia always makes me feel less of an Asian especially when it comes to food. It’s just weird that I can easily understand pasta over noodles, ketchup over curry(?), and that it’s hard to get used to the Asian “spiciness”. 🙂 And that my English is good, but I have to dumb it down because it’s useless (char); if only I could trade it for some chopstick skills.

But hey, I’m getting better at chopsticks! I don’t think I “finger” it correctly but it works for me. @.@
Flowers for the #bebeboy for being extra this day! @.@