[Hanoi, Vietnam] Day 2: #RelationshipstrugGOALS

I like aimless walk in Colon Street; Mark likes Colon Street but Haji Lane (SG) or Mong Kok kind of Colon Street. I love public transpo jeepney kind of rides: Mark likes public transpo like bus/trains or more preferrably Uber. I like streetfoods; he likes streetfood but Hawker kind of setup. I ask directions from random peole; he can go through messy roads just by looking at GPS.

Mark and I can be this extreme opposite (extreme for drama effect.). So when we landed in Hanoi, it was like “Oh, this is so I!!!” I was giddy! But Mark thinks he feels like he is always walking in Inayawan, Cebu every where. 

Probably what makes Philippines kinda “cool” is you can have the messy part and manicured part in 1 place; like you can have downtown / Colon, but then you can also escape to uptown / IT Park-ish. Or maybe, you can have Divisoria / Chinatown kinda feels, but then you can also find the 1st-world comfort feels by going Makati or BGC.

So I guess back in Philippines (or other cities we’d been to), Mark and I can just balance it out by going downtown then uptown.  But in Hanoi, it’s like pre-BPO Cebu; most area always has this downtown mode (or maybe we just did not look enough.).  It kind of throws Mark off; I mean he’s like an autistic kid who got too much sensory stimulation he can no longer control.

What a partypooper!

So how to work around it? 

No more of those search of the ultimate streetfood experience… We’re just gonna be like us in Cebu who eats Thai streetfood at a restaurant. 😂

Most blogs about Hanoi are from 1st-world people, and so they can really claim that food here is cheap. For me, it is cheap but it’s really not overly cheap when you have PhP money. A bahn mi on street usually starts at 15000VND; Pho at 20K+ VND. When you get inside a decent looking eatery, Pho can then start 50K VND; when you get inside a “fancier” resto, it can then be in the 80K+ VND (around Php180). So basically, you won’t really get broke when you just fine-dine (starve in between) your whole stay here.Cognitive dissonance. I think streetfood is popular here because there’s really not much difference in taste between a streetfood & fancy resto except that fancy resto’s have aircons, comfy chairs, and their menu has subtitles, and a staff who can speak English. So somehow there’s that struggle in myself that we should just “be trying hard local” but then we cannot because Mark’s cray-cray at the experience of eating at yet another carenderia in Inayawan (Cebu).

Bun Cha at May Taste

Uptown-ing! I searched for “business area” of Hanoi, and google pointed me to Tay Ho area, which has a lake on the center and mention of fancy restos around it. I’m imagining like we’re in IT Park with a lake in the center, cool!

So the lake at Tay Ho is beautiful. It was romantic gazing at the tall buildings on the other side of Hanoi.

I honestly do not know where’s the “business” part of it. But it seems like it’s a popular place for foreighners, where there are a lot of them lounging in few corners.

But Mark only saw the dog sh!t and trash (it’s like duh as if we’re not from Nangka, Consolacion, Cebu), and that it was so humid! ARGH!!! I screamed and snapped at him, but first #bloggerpose!!!

And another #bloggerpose, the only “sunset aura” I could get because we both hated each other already.

(Sunset on my face…?!?)

Gaaahhh!!! I miss a beautiful sunset #bloggerpose just because it was not uptown enough for him! 😡😡😡