Day 1: San Miguel Street, Pasig

Nakarating na po ako ng Pasig! 🙂

I’d been only able to stay overnight in Makati or Taguig when in Manila. So it’s something new to be in Ortigas / Pasig. It’s not as manicured as Makati or BGC but the place we stayed has this quaint charm, (or maybe I’m just not in the right place). We’re near Pearl Street which is some sort of food strip, I think.

Below are Some photos for documentation processes. As Mark would say, “there you go again with your Day 1, Day 2, Day xx blog posts. Why can’t you make deeper thoughts?!?” 😂😂😂

Always 1st must do when in new place: coffee!

At Where’s Marcial(sp?). It’s blahhh. Sorry 🙁
At Gantsilyo Guru yarn studio. It was near where we stay.

Estancia Mall(?!) We had lunch at Wholesome Table. It’s hard to appreciate this kind of resto when you have ABACA resto chain in Cebu (it’s not like the holy grail but a good benchmark).  I mean when you wanted to get that new experience in new place, but then you feel like there’s just something like this (maybe better) back in Cebu minus all the frivolous labels like organic, pro-farmer, farm to table churva.  Sorry, I’m whining.

I went alone to SM Megamall. That mall is huge. Hopefully, there’s no important reason for me to go back there.

So proud to see my friend’s face, Karla, on display at SM Megamall.

Near the place we’re staying is a building complex, Pearl Drive, with some restos, which kinda give a hole-in-the-wall vibes (though most of the restos are actually from a chain, but they’re like all new to me). I think this was what made the place we’re staying interesting(?).

At Mister Kabab.