So what’s your purpose?

My dressmaking class in TESDA is nearing end. I think we’re only up to August. The classmates I get to be closer are these 3 young girls who are also from Consolacion. I mostly go home with them. 

One time they were discussing about getting a endorsement from TESDA, after graduating for, for work in MEPZA. So I asked them how does it work blah blah? 

After back and forth discussion, one of the girls asked me, “ikaw, ate, unsa diay imo purpose sa pagskuyla?”

I was dumbfounded, and was not able to reply. I enrolled back in February, but the class only started in June as it was slow to get filled up. In between, I forgot what was really the reason why I enrolled in the first place. 

They then gave me a confused look. And, I gave them back a more confused look.

“Rich kid diay ka.” One of them blurted out to answer the other girl’s answer.

“O. Rich kid bitaw ko.” I second the motion for lack of a better answer, and to end the discussion.

There are times that I underestimated them as they are 10 years younger than me. I felt like I know life better. But here they are making me feel intimidated for not knowing “purpose.”

On the other hand, I felt vindicated when I told one of the girls that the real reason why she enrolled to dressmaking is because she was just looking for a way to move on from her missing-in-action boyfriend. And, she said how did I know? Then the discussion was then switched to her struggle with her lovelife. Anyhow, I applauded her for making something productive instead of making “mokmok.”

Yaknow, I may not know about “life’s purpose” but I always have this hidden talent of seeing something from someone’s face especialy when it comes to boys and love and chismis. Kidding! I actually just bluff, and somehow it was spot on. 😂

Our classmate’s car broke down in Mandaue. This was one of the enforcer who helped usz I was trying to play cupid between these two. (I gave her a cropped version of this photo but no high hopes because enforcer’s in a relationship.)