The only photo I managed to get from Migi’s birthday today is with his signature awkward facial expression.

Birthday cake from @keihlasmom

And now I am officially a mother to a teenager.

I don’t know if he still did the candle blowing. But Meg had demanded to get over the candle-blowing as she wanted to eat the cake already. 

It’s like they’re officially over the phase in which candle-blowing is like the main event of a birthday.

Anyhow, thankful for these babies and family and friends. 🙂 

So what’s your purpose?

My dressmaking class in TESDA is nearing end. I think we’re only up to August. The classmates I get to be closer are these 3 young girls who are also from Consolacion. I mostly go home with them. 

One time they were discussing about getting a endorsement from TESDA, after graduating for, for work in MEPZA. So I asked them how does it work blah blah? 

After back and forth discussion, one of the girls asked me, “ikaw, ate, unsa diay imo purpose sa pagskuyla?”

I was dumbfounded, and was not able to reply. I enrolled back in February, but the class only started in June as it was slow to get filled up. In between, I forgot what was really the reason why I enrolled in the first place. 

They then gave me a confused look. And, I gave them back a more confused look.

“Rich kid diay ka.” One of them blurted out to answer the other girl’s answer.

“O. Rich kid bitaw ko.” I second the motion for lack of a better answer, and to end the discussion.

There are times that I underestimated them as they are 10 years younger than me. I felt like I know life better. But here they are making me feel intimidated for not knowing “purpose.”

On the other hand, I felt vindicated when I told one of the girls that the real reason why she enrolled to dressmaking is because she was just looking for a way to move on from her missing-in-action boyfriend. And, she said how did I know? Then the discussion was then switched to her struggle with her lovelife. Anyhow, I applauded her for making something productive instead of making “mokmok.”

Yaknow, I may not know about “life’s purpose” but I always have this hidden talent of seeing something from someone’s face especialy when it comes to boys and love and chismis. Kidding! I actually just bluff, and somehow it was spot on. 😂

Our classmate’s car broke down in Mandaue. This was one of the enforcer who helped usz I was trying to play cupid between these two. (I gave her a cropped version of this photo but no high hopes because enforcer’s in a relationship.)

SG 2017 Day 4

Yes, I’m not yet done. 😂

I wanted to see the crochet installation in Marina Bay, but we got lazy. I kinda loathe myself why I did not put a bit of effort to see it. 

Anyhow, this is probably the first time that I did not got to do a lot of eating at hawker station. When in SG, it’s always hawker over restaurant. Well, because cheap. 

But first, let me #bloggerpose.

I love the place we’re staying that we always airbnb here. But I hate that it has no nearby train station, and most of all no nearby hawker station. And the nearest one to it is a blahhh. Though, it has stalls with “awards” but it does not have the usual hawker favorites of mine: biryani, laksa, parata, chicken rice (or maybe i did not see it). The popular ones here in this hawker station is Nasi Lemak, which is an SG favorite dish that I could never get why they like it. You have all sorts of “salty” in one plate from peanut to the dried fish. 

Another bestseller here is this soup. Sorry, I forgot the name but it’s an Indian dish. 

But lychee drink & Kopi C were always there to save the day! 
The hawker station is Adam Road Hawker Station (and I’m sure I did not get the name right). Most of the nearby residents here are probably of Indian descent that most of the stalls here are of Indian food but disappointed that no one serves Biryani. (Gahhh, I sound so whine-y!)

Now let me take another #travelbloggerpose.

Our flight was still as midnight. We went to the airport, and drop our stuff at a luggage station for a fee. We got out, and went to Anana’s in Kembangan (long story but it’s in my must-do when in SG). It’s like a fastfood for chicken rice with many outlets. But sad and surprised that Anana’s no longer exist in the Kembangan station. But it’s renamed or rebranded. I was so sad to even take note of its new name. 

There’s nothing extraordinary with Anana’s except that it’s so ordinary that it feels like I’d eat there I’m like doing a legit be-local. This is what I always look forward to when landing in SG.

We went to Changi Expo after. It’s my first time in this place. And, the gem I found was this “dollar” store of chocolates which are staple of balikbayan boxes. I so wanna buy lots of them but Mark kept yapping I’d be bringing diabetes. Duh! @.@

Then we ate at Jollibee because I just want to taste our own Nasi Lemak version minus the dried fish and peanuts.

Yes. Beautiful women go for Jollibee.

I had my ezlink card refunded when we got back at the airport, and felt like a boss when I got SG$0.03 more than what’s in my tap card. But then lose them all on Bee Cheng Hiang.

Do you notice how their bills don’t get crinkled?