SG Day 1

First day in SG, I visited a friend in Telor Ayek ON MY OWN. And, as expected, I missed bus stops and got lost a bit. But it no longer scared me. SG people is too OC in their designing and labelling their mass transit for any one to get lost. 😂

After lunch, she walked me to Chinatown so we had no luxury designer brands as backdrop for our selfie.

My friend’s work here is to make Google richer. 😂
Chinatown for me is Golden Dragon Store.

I can just spent all my time here in SG. 

Then I walk to Plaza Singapura from Chinatown because according to google maps it’s the shortest route. It was only 1.8km though friend said it’s too far. 

Anyhow, google maps did not disappoint me. It brought me to Clark Quay area.

To Fort Caning area, which was a first time for me.

And finally to Plaza Singapura for more yarns… 

It’s kinda interesting how one’s interest will take us. The 1st time we’re here, it was all about running then we probably run all the running areas. Then, there was startup, and went to all startup hubs, then there was coffee, and went to all coffee places, etc. And this time, it’s yarns for me! 😂 

I wonder how each people’s interest will “shape” their travels or work or life.