SG 2017 Day 3

What having NO MONEY did to me in Singapore? Surprisingly, it’s not bad!

As I mentioned in my Day 2 post, a yarn warehouse gobbled up all my chicken rice money. With that, I deleted my long itinerary list. I decided to just stay at our airbnb-ed place, and crochet the dress which needed to be done by Friday. Anyhow, there’s no bad day with crochet.

In the middle of crochet, I thought of visiting a public library to finish my crocheting there, and also check if they have crochet or knitting books. But a friend messaged to meet for the best chicken curry. Who can say NO?!? 😍

This was at Queensway Shopping Centre.

I then tagged along with her to her office. She works for Seinnheiser. She definitely has an interesting workplace!

After that, there was a park and a bridge nearby which connects to the Henderson wave. I was thinking of trekking the bridge all through the Henderson wave which would end up in Mt Faber but thought of doing it another day with Mark.

I then proceeded to going to a public library as I originally planned in the morning!

I was so happy that I did go to their library! They have quite a lot of books about crochet and knitting, and so many other kind of books. Books that look good, updated, and not delapitated.  It was kind of surreal that this kind of thing exists for free (of course, not really free because SG taxes paying for it but not to overthink about it; it’s free!) For the 1st time, I got envious of this 1st world living.