#titasofcebu: Pastry Shops

The last 2 weeks, I was able to catch up with friends. So I got to tag along with them to the new cafe / restos, which I was also curious to try out since seeing them a lot on my social network feed. The IG posts pressure was so high; though gut feelings said it’s going to be a disappointment. 

And, gut feelings did not disappoint.

1st cafe tasted

2nd resto tasted

The cakes / pastry are all the same generic as what are offered in all other pastry / cafe / resto of Cebu. So much investment in making the resto pretty but the serving is unimaginative boring. It’s like a pretty boy with nothing in between his ears. #chos

Not posting the names of the resto just in case they’ll get me as their celebrity blogger. 😂 And, hey they’re providing employment. 🙂