#titasofcebu: Pastry Shops

The last 2 weeks, I was able to catch up with friends. So I got to tag along with them to the new cafe / restos, which I was also curious to try out since seeing them a lot on my social network feed. The IG posts pressure was so high; though gut feelings said it’s going to be a disappointment. 

And, gut feelings did not disappoint.

1st cafe tasted

2nd resto tasted

The cakes / pastry are all the same generic as what are offered in all other pastry / cafe / resto of Cebu. So much investment in making the resto pretty but the serving is unimaginative boring. It’s like a pretty boy with nothing in between his ears. #chos

Not posting the names of the resto just in case they’ll get me as their celebrity blogger. 😂 And, hey they’re providing employment. 🙂

#kid1’s First Day High

…in High School is TODAY!

I told myself that when my kid would be 10-year old, I would really feel old. Then I let it passed. Then now I have high school (sorry, i’m not gonna call it grade 7.)… 

I should be making a long drama for this but I guess, it’s a sign; I’m really too old for my teenage rants. 

[Leyte] Day 6-8: Ormoc

As I said, I like small cities. Therefore, I love Ormoc. It kinda feels like Dumaguete minus a big university.

We stayed in Sabin Resort, which happened to be also the idea of people around Leyte. Maybe because it was the last week of May, it seemed that everyone was doing their last hurrah for summer that the resort was full. There were birthdays, conference, social events in the resort the whole time we’re there. It feels so fiesta. @.@

So the random stuff we did at Ormoc.
Mayongs. You gotta pay respect to the Ormoc delicacy aside from pineapple.

Lake Danao. Among the few lakes I’d been to, Lake Danao for me is the prettiest. I hope they can keep it as it is.

Rowing 😂

Ormoc Food Park. I was not much happy with the food. We probably picked the wrong stall. Anyhow, it’s still worth a visit. 

The blue skyline is just so pretty.
Diversion road. I was so happy to stumble on this road. I took a morning jog/walk on this road. This was just across Sabin Resort.

Fat Choi Tea House. Definitely, everyone’s favorite in Ormoc because dimsum. This place has deaf staff, which makes it more interesting.

Tambay at Ormoc Plaza / boulevard.

Last dusk moment in Ormoc.

Until next time… Thank you so much, Leyte!