[Leyte] Day 5: Why Does He Have a Statue?

I had meltdown on this day. Char. It could really get tiring on nth day of road trip especially with 3 kids: packing-unpacking-packing, loading-unloading-loading. Though kids are big enough now to do them on their own, and all I would do now is bark at them. 

Anyway, I love pocket cities. I dunno if there’s that term “pocket cities” but it’s how I categorize “smaller cities” in my mind. 

Pocket cities are like small enough for me to watch the whole city in a corner. Really, I just want to people-watch. People-watching is probably the equivalent of 10-Things-to-do of other people for me. I think it’s one of the things I like in Brillante Mendoza’s film, they made me feel like I’m people-watching. 

My breakfast corner in Jollibee. Voyeurism at colorful jeepneys, the Donut store, local stores, “recovering” structures from Yolanda, etc.
Lunch at Burgos Street again. This time it was in SurpRice. Sorry, I was not a big fan of it.

We had coffee at Libro before leaving Tacloban for Ormoc. If there’s one thing I love about Libro is it’s their “corner.”

We dropped by at MacArthur Park, our attempt to being culturally/historically relevant. And, The kids kept asking, “why does he have a statue?!?”

My kids are sadly so millenials. But then it made me think, “yeah right, why are we making a grand statue for a foreigner?!? Who were the people responsible making a big deal out of this man yet not much is said about the local Leyte heroes?” But char lang.