[Biliran] Day 3: How are twins made?

(My first draft got deleted because internet connection is wonky; it makes living in Cebu feels like a 1st world with a slightly more reliable internet.)

Grinder has been so much part of my life, wether at home or away.Mati is trying to protect his “pan” from the ants.

Kids are now kinda little adults. I really get a kick listening to their conversations among theirselves, or with Mark. Promise, I’m the least “talker” in this family.

This morning’s discussion was Mati’s question: How are twins made?
With their access to internet and all, I think they’re not at all that innocent.
Pool. It was my first time to see them all in a pool for a long time. 

Carenderia or diner to be sosyal. 🙂 Cusina de Salas has became our favorite in Biliran.

It was a rainy afternoon in Biliran. I think not a day passed by in Biliran not raining. And what best way to spend it by going to yet another waterfalls, which was somehome also the idea of everyone in the island.

Fighting for the prime real estate for selfie 😂

Tinago Falls is not that “tinago” (hidden). I think it’s because very accessible that a lot of people tour it.

Prelude to halo-halo

Aside from waterfalls and pinakbet, Halo-halo and pizza are some things that Biliran will not disappoint you. 🙂

At Jelo’s
Dinner is always care of the Marvin’s Resort staff 🙂