[Biliran] Day 2

Biliran is in the top 5 LEAST populated province of the Philippines. And I guess it’s the reason why there’s no big fastfood chain in the place, which was a big surprise for the kids and a big relief for me. #chos Mati said that it might be a fake city if it has no Jollibee (poor kid 😂).

Cusina de Salas

The easy or the hard path dilemma?!

Of course, we picked the easy path.

Trekking with Mati always ends up with him looking like his bouldering or scrambling. Poor kid, he takes after my physical skills. 

We trek to eat our siopao. And they were not so amused.

We chanced upon an empth Agta beach so we play with sands…

And lounger.

We came home to the home-cooked meal of Marvin’s Resort.