CMS Drama. Google, y u?!?

Google, why you can make snazzy design for your home page every minute but totally forgot about!? 

I started blogging unknowingly back in 2004 after giving birth. I might credit Migi for inspiring me to write because he was not an easy baby making parenting such a confusing thing; it’s so confusing that it made writing an easy thing to do. Well, it was really more of ranting than writing. 

The early “mommy blogs” of mine was in multiply because back in 2004, it was the easiest CMS / semi-blogging platform to use. I did try livejournal, typepad, wordpress, blogger, vox, and whatnot at that time.

Multiply was killed in x years ago. So there I lost a lot of my childish, ppd-driven posts. I still do have the texts, and photos (Thanks to Daryl). I planned to upload them again, but when I re-read them, I cringed. It’s like so jeje, which is really the truth. But the WWW is where I can pretend I’m not jeje. @.@ So somehow, Multiply being dead was a blessing in disguise.

So I moved to google’s blogger,, because i felt Worpdress is too professional, too #fashionblogger #photoblogger kind of CMS. It’s like a place where you need to do SEO, and all the html hack for your design, and sliding photos on home page. It’s not jeje enough for me. 🙂 

Owkei, I picked blogger because it’s too useless to tweak that all you can do with it is write / blog. In my case, rant. 🙂 Really, I picked blogger because I find it more for just random personal, a bit intimate, thoughts.

(Rule of thumb back then: blogger for personal blahh; wordpress for not-personal blahh. Because I do use both, and I actually have more worpdress sites that i “maintained.”)

For some reasons I do not know, with all the brilliant people and money of Google, Blogger got stuck while google’s home page got a snazzy design look every day. 

Then Blogger’s iOS mobile app just crashed and crashed lately. I mostly update from the phone just because so. It became just a muscle memory to me. When I tried on a desktop or laptop, I just don’t feel the need to populate the worldwideweb with my yet another beautiful thoughts. I guess because of the big-ness of laptop screen, there’s too much distraction. So that’s how a big thing the blogger mobile app to me!!! 

I waited for it to be owkei for months. Yes, months, that’s how I “like” blogger! But nothing, happened! 

So I guess, hello wordpress! The pressure of becoming a professional blogger is high.

I actually was thinking of medium because it’s so sleek, fancy, and intellectual. But i might end up not writing any thing because the pressure to be intellectual is so high. 

Tumblr also but it’s too millenial. I get lost with their dashboard. And i don’t get the “reblog” feature. I mean ?!?

So there. Wow! Did I just nitpick on CMS platforms?!? I can get so overdrama on web apps. @.@

On to becoming a professional influential blogger.