Siargao Day 2: Shaka – the Ultimate Top Thing Must Do

Early in the morning, we had some morning walk nearby the place we stayed in. The barangay we’re staying in had this pathway by the beach side (I think it’s how they “rural plan” their island), which made me wish we could stay there for months. 
But then came noon time, I got bored. I don’t surf, swim, and any thing cool to do with water. Island hopping is not an option because I want to stay in an island long; not hop and bring food for someone to cook in the island. The coffees I stumbled into were blahhh (sorry for the #1stworldpains rant), but the view can and the vibes can really make up for it though.
(But there’s anothing I love about the restos here is they always have a veggie salad on their menu.)

BUT there’s something in Siargao that is seductively attractive; there’s that vibe that makes me just want to hang loose. After making coffee and sandwich (i have to write that down so I could post a foodie photo), I went out to the beach, and strip myself off with my clothing and make “lubog” myself in 2-piece. Eeeewww writing that grosses me out but seriously why do we Pinays are being punished, even by ourselves, with the thought of wearing the proper swimming attire?!? 
It was timely for me to wear “bikini” in my adult life because it’s Women’s month…

It’s time to celebrate “thigh gap.” My gap is quite closed. 🙂

But really the beach was empty, and the people we are staying with are foreigners who would randomly strip off their clothing and sun bath any time of the day.

Everyone was hang loose: the people, the beach / place, the barefoot/ers, the vibes. It would feel out of place to be not one.

As I wrote this one, I googled “hang loose,” and coincidentally it’s a surfer thing. Their term for it is “SHAKA.”
Now I understand why there’s a cafe named Shaka run by surfers & surfer “photographers.”

And, it’s then now I understand why these local surfer boys / trainors did this “hand” sign. It’s the symbol for “shaka.”

Posing with surfer boys is the closest thing I had done to surfing here in the surfing Capital of the Philippines. As well as:

Eat “pan bisaya” which are also surfers’ eats. This “coconut/husk” oven bread with different fillings is a local delicacy. And, as a travel blogger, I would add “it’s a 101 things to do in Siargao.

Drink at coffee shops owned by surfers.

Elevate my “tan” to surfers’ girls colors.

And of course the Cloud 9 boardwalk, and taking photos of surfer couple, #relationshipgoals.
But “hang loose” attitude is actually hard to achieve. When sometimes the idea of “travel” or whatever we call it is tainted with the “top 101 things to do.” It’s kind of a feeling of entitlement that this travel destination is required to entertain you. I’m getting far away; won’t bore you with my preaching.
But I feel like in my old life I was “hang loose” until I married a type A kind of personality person whose attitude is:
 “you only rest when you’re dead.”
But I’m not gonna whine about it because he’s paying for this “hang-loose” trip. @.@ So let me just…