Downtown Cebu Foodie

I just find it weird that when you talk about one of the oldest restaurants in Cebu, it’s called “Manila” Foodshoppe. It’s not really part of my childhood memories because we’re more of Snosheen(sp?) and Visayan restaurant whenever we got the chance to be in the city. But i’m not sure if these 2 restos still exist today. 

Lately, i frequent Colon / the downtown for the yarns (there’s not much really variety / brands available but it’s where i can find the cheapest). Colon always brings back childhood memories, and so to complete the nostalgia, I sometimes visit Manila Foodshoppe. I don’t know if it was the oldest branch I visited; it has already the modern feels. 🙂
And when you’re in Manila Foodshoppe, it’s always the meatballs and their noodles for me. (I skipped the meatballs because 10pieces for 1 serving is too much.)
So it’s the usual maki mi, and the siomai. The maki mi did not disappoint. 

I find Dimsum Break /harbour city’s siomai much tastier but Manila Foodshoppe has bigger and shrimpier siomai.