Davao Day 1: Blood-stained sheet

It’s just my first 24hours of menstruation / period / bleeding day. First day usually means heavy ooze of blood, and this time the flow is unusually heavy. Together with bleeding, period can make a girl tired / sleepy — simply just one of those days you want to hide underneath the bed sheets and drown in bed.
So after out first stop for coffee at Basti’s Brew, and milling inside the mall, i told Mark we should just rest for the race we’ll be joining (mt. Apo skyrace).
When i woke up in the afternoon then i found myself scrubbing blood stains off from the very white bed sheet like Cinderella. So my first day in Davao, i spent an hour dealing with bloody issue because I do not want to pay the stained-sheet fee. Mark kept saying the fine is 2000, and I was like “dafudge, what an expensive stay for a budget accommodation!” It’s expensive than the room’s rate. So there i scrubbed harder the pristine white sheets again because No way my coffee money will turn into blood-stain money!
So how can I avoid paying the fine? While scrubbing the sheets, mark and i were throwing ideas to each other in case we could not really remove the stain:
* maybe there’s some quick stain-remover product in some hardware? I know i heard it from infommercial or some pop-up ads on the internet
* is there a white marker?
* how about shading this with white crayon?
* dusting it with baby powder?
* maybe we can leave in the very early dawn when it’s dark yet for anyone to visibly see the stain
* how about cutting the stained part of the sheet? There’s no fine against “hole” in the sheet
* how about staining the whole sheet and just tell the hotel staff that it’s the motif of our sheet — something like polka dotted sheet
* or maybe i could sneak out the sheet to a laundry shop

Anyhow, google saved the day! Mark said google suggest shampoo to remove the stain. So adding shampoo to the white tissue did the trick! 

Therefore, i greatly deserve this mug of durian coffee while staring at the life or lack of it outside this huge windows of Kangaroo coffee shop.

Hayyy, it’s hard to be a girl. Hotels should not make it harder for us. It’s traumatic yaknow. 🙂
So I slipped double napkins for my leaking vagina, and slept on a sleeping bag liner at night because i want to sleep fine-less. 🙂

(note: the stained sheet fee is actually just 500 according to google.)
We’re here in Davao to join the Mt. Apo Skyrace http://aktib.ph/1428-1st-mt-apo-sky-vertical-race. But entrance to Mt. apo is actually in Magpet, South Cotabato so we’ll be moving the following day to Kidapawan.

Thrive Art

By Meg’s specific request, she wants Art class and Kiddie Crew for her summer. The kiddie crew’s over. Now she’s demanding for the Art Class to be daily. But her sched is only once a week.
So i told her to just do over and over again for the rest of the week the exercise they did at art class. I told her to download app on her tab but she said it crashed on her. But, Meg can be this annoyingly demanding. So, i turned to Mr. Google for art help which led me to thriveart.com (it has free sessions for starter).

Mati joined in. (Now i have to share my “work station.) 
The finished products: Mati (left), Meg (right). This online art class is effective after all. 🙂
It makes me wonder if does she really like art? Or it’s just phase? I mean i think all kids go thru the “art” phase. 
On the other thought, when can she learn to use the photoshop so that I can have someone to exploit when I need some poster or maybe some illustration to be used. 

Colon, Cebu Diary

However “modern” Cebu is becoming, the downtown Colon seems to be unmoved about it. And, I guess why going there can be nostalgic because for any one whose childhood memory of Cebu City is Colon, and not yet SM or Ayala, one can still see how mostly are still the same in it.

You can still stumble upon stores where the “insik” owners are very hands-on in manning them.

That “tall chair” of the cashier/owner… How old it can be?
Somehow the signages, brands hanging on the sidewalk look the same. 
Looking at the sidewalk, it made me think that the downtown area has a nice spacious “sidewalk.” It can look topsy turvy but it’s comfy.
And I took a selfie, trying to prove that it’s not a place of “snatchers.” They probably moved out to the modern area of Cebu. But based on experience, snatchers usually stationed on the jeEpney stops nearby USC main, targetting students. 🙂
I wish that I was able to eat at Sno Sheen or Manila Foodshoppe or even McJoy to complete the feels. 🙂 Well, reserving it for my next “travel” to Colon. 
I was really there for the yarns for my nanay’s tall list of blanket orders.

Junkfood apps

There was a time, i signed up to every app scobleizer evangelized as the next big thing just so i can snatch the “owrange” username. Anyhow, “vine” was one of those apps. 

And, just like 90% of the apps i signed up to, i really do not know how to position it in my life, and with Philippines internet speed, i’m not a big fan of video — uploading and viewing it.
But there are instances, i pulled vine up to save some videos because youtube/vimeo’s too complicated to use, and the instagram account i actively update is not personal. And, i think 15sec of instagram needs a lot creativity effort than 6sec of vine.
After tweaking here and there, i found some funny local viners. When vine started, the videos they seeded where on the artsy fartsy side, but now it evolves into junk / slapstick vids. If you’re someone who’s bored, you’d really get hooked to it like cheetos and coke.
Most viners are the teenage / millineal generation so from there, you’ll see the other junkfood apps they’re using. There’s a lot of mention of snapchat and dubsmash, instagram, youtube in the vine vids of the young ones.
I tried dubsmash, and it’s like cottoncandy of apps. 
The snapchat — i’m really struggling on how to understand it. It’s like PBB / voyeurism kind of thing. 
It’s like what u post on instagram is the finished product of made-up setup moments, vine is showing the BTS (behind the scene) of creating that final photo in instagram, while snapchat is showing you live th BTS?
I surely have lots of time to waste dissecting and consuming all these. As if it’s something new.


This song was played over and over during Meg’s McDo Kiddie crew culmination program. 

I shazamed it, then add it to my spotify. I feel soo millenial.
Anyhow, i put it on repeat mode during our trail run yesterday. To which i then get a closer listen to the lyrics of the song:


Every time that you get undressed

I hear symphonies in my head

I wrote this song just looking at you ooh, oh

Yeah the drums they swing low

And the trumpets they go

And the trumpets they go

Yeah the trumpets they go
Then a bulb lit up, and I told myself while “running,” “now i understand what does TRUMPET really means in the song.”
Then, i thought — Dafudge that was the song McDo staff decided to play over and over during their “kiddie crew” program. LOLS @.@

Badian, Cebu Day 4: #Bucketlist

The most popular route of going up to Osmena Peak is from Dalaguete side, which we had done before.

Being a Badian girl, I badly wanted to try trekking it from my hometown side. Rumor said that Osmena Peak is actually part of Brgy. Patong of Badian. 

Anyhoo, Many times I / we plan of doing this but life and cowardness happen. There are 2 popular entrance ways from Badian – Kawasan Falls & Brgy. Basak (which is really known to be the path of farmers). To make it more epic sounding, we went with the Kawasan Falls.

I saw a rainbow on the way up! 🙂 And, for a moment, I felt I’m a unicorn! 🙂

Reaching the peak together with the whole population of Cebu was Kinda weird when we were so alone on our way up. 
So many people, it was so hard to squeeze some epic peak photo without a photobomber.
Going down, we exited at Brgy. malabago, taking the dirt road instead of the tricky a bit technical route to Kawasan Falls. I was feeling tad disappointed but the view was just equally refreshing. 🙂

A longer drama on http://runroo.com soon. 

Badian, Cebu Day 3: Different Flavors of Kawasan

After the beach the previous day, the goal was to go to fresh water on the 3rd day so it would be Kawasan Falls (this have been our usual itinerary every time we’re in badian, cebu)z But before that, I went for a run before the kids were up. The plan was to go wherever my feet would take me then just turn-around and go home after 1 hour.

Fifteen minutes to 1 hour, I took a detour that led me to a mini-hydro in Basak, Badian, Cebu. At the back of it was a hill, and I thought of going to the top of it to take a selfie as my turn-around point. But it was too late when I realized that the path i tried to follow was not a footpath. It was really more of “water path.” My problem is that I don’t know how to go down a very steep hill so I could not backtrack to where i came from. So i continued going up a hill which has something like a 80degree angle. 
Anyhow, long story short, a farmer passed by and pulled me up to get to the top. 
So there i got my photo on top of the hill taken my savior, Manong Pat.
So I had not much choice but to follow him until I’d get back to the main road.
Then, we passed this “Kawasan” river. “Kawasan” is actually something like “gawasan or awasan sa tubig.”

After my “kawasan” trip, now it’s time for the kids’ Kawasan Falls trip.
We went to the market to get some “baon.”
You just cannot say NO to that face requesting for doughnuts.
Lechon manok. Maybe i’m extra patronizing it, but Lechon manok in the Badian’s public market is just extra yummy goodness. It probably is because of the lots of spices. 
And, puso. I think puso in the rural towns are also yummier than in the city.
We got on a multicab. (P10/head to Matutinao)
It must be really summer when a lot flock to the falls.

For me, the 2nd Falls of Kawasan is the most child-friendly aside from that it is less crowded compared to the 1st Level Falls.

Though, it got trickier when Meg bonked in the middle of trekking to the 2nd Falls. It must be with the some steep ascent parts.

But I guessed she was refreshed when she saw the river/falls along the way.

Then, splash!
At 2pm, we started the trek going to the main road from the Kawasan Falls before the rush of people going home too.
One more favorite, across the Matutinao church/Kawasan entrance is a sari2x store who sells my closest-to-childhood-favorite torta.

Badian, Cebu Day 2: Trisikad & Tricycle Rides

It’s beach time! But first things first, a trip to the “merkado.”

Meg and migi are now really “big kids.” I cannot just tag them anywhere with me. 

Ow pastries & breads. Sugar coated in sugar. 🙂
Fishy! 🙂
We had to come back because Migi had to have his share of trash, I mean toy.

And, off to zee beach.

But first, flat tire.

And, finally arrived at beach!
No one’s up for a group photo 😐

Badian, Cebu Day 1: Bus Ride

Bus rides were part of my high school to college life. Going home on weekends when everyone wants to go home, I learned how to elbow others to get inside a bus, i even knew how to get inside the bus via the window. Countless trips back and forth to Badian & Cebu City, I memorized every bump on the road, endless road construction, to every structure on the roadside seen from the bus window. I lost a few walkman on the bus because i fell asleep, and probably they just rolled out from my pocket. And, they all happened in Librando Bus.

Our neighbors were/are Librando, and it’s like against-the-law to be seen alighting from another Bus company. It was not fear. It’s just that what neighbors do kind of thing. 🙂

Bus rides, non-aircon can feel like sticky, but once you’re out of the urban area, it gets cooler. 
So how to entertain 3 little people on a long bus ride?
Migi and meg are old enough to somehow know how to to entertain theirselves.

While for Mateo, i had to buy whatever from the vendor along the way to entertain him. I dunno if it’s smart but how can you be logical with kids.

Finally home in out old battered warehouse home.

Fast & Furious 7 & Sentimental

So i’m not a fan of this movie but i believe i had seen all the 7 of them because everyone watches them so i just go with the flow. Or maybe i missed one or two but then all the previous 6 fast and furious were kind of all the same so i dunno if i really miss any editions of it.
It’s that kind of movie that I don’t really put my thought when watching it. But the 7th just made me nostalgic. Well, big part because Paul Walker’s dead, but he’s still in the movie. It’s like “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone” except that he’s still NOT gone in the movie.
So Every time i see Paul walker on screen, i could not help but ask myself if what i was seeing was real or fake. For most parts, it’s just felt fake when i could not feel paul’s smoothness and suaveness in the moves. Then, it would hit me that yes he’s really gone. 

Then, NOSTALGIA would float on the air again despite how desentizing the “furious” of the movie. I love the action scenes especially when they made the women really go fierce, but somehow it just went overboard somewhere down the road, and with a bit of a twist of that-storyline-is-too-dumb-to-make-sense.

Then the last part is heartwarming, you can forgive the too-shallow parts.
Then again NOSTALGIA, seeing how somehow you grow up with that movie. How you laugh at its previous episodes for being such a wtf movie, then wonder how did it ever this movie get produce again and again.

Then, it’s just it! The END. And, how i wished i put much attention to the previous episodes… 

Paul walker, your song is giving me LSS. 🙂